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Buckland Newton Parish Council submitted their proposed Neighbourhood Plan plus supporting evidence as prescribed under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

The submission required

a) the proposed neighbourhood development plan b) a map or statement which identifies the area to which the proposed neighbourhood development plan relates c) a consultation statement d) a statement explaining how the proposed neighbourhood development plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the    1990 Act e) a statement of reasons for the determination that the plan proposal is unlikely to have significant environmental effects In addition the Parish Council submitted / provided links to evidence that were used in the formulation of policies.

Further documents submitted February 2017 in response to issues raised by the Independent

Examiner, Summer 2016

o Continuation of Examination - addressing previous concerns raised o Summary Overall Assessment o Legal Opinion

Plan and Map of Plan Area

Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Draft) 

Consultation Statement

Overview of the Plan Preparation Process and Consultation Summary Sept. - Oct. 2015 Supplementary Consultation (See above Overview Report page 10). May – June 2015 Statutory Consultation: Comments received by Policy May – June 2015 Statutory Consultation: Responses to Comments received 2014 Public Consultation: Housing Sites Selection & PC Report 2014 Public Consultation: Housing Needs Survey  2014 Public Consultation: Summary of Comments and Representations 2012 Public Consultation for Buckland Newton Community Plan

Basic Conditions

Basic Conditions Statement including Policy Conformity Statement

SEA Screening

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report

Background information – plan preparation

Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan (Consultation Draft) May 2015 

Background information – other supporting evidence

West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland Local Plan 2011-2031 2015 (West Dorset District Council) Buckland Newton Conservation Area Appraisal 2009 (West Dorset District Council) Dorset AONB Management Plan 2014 – 19 (Dorset AONB Partnership) Buckland Newton Parish Plan  2013 (Buckland Newton Parish Council)

List of Submitted Documents

Parish and Neighbourhood Plans Buckland Newton Community Planning
Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan 2015 – 2030, as made by West Dorset District Council on the 7th December 2017, can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking the link above or on www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/Buckland-Newton-Neighbourhood-Plan (Note: this link has been added to this page from the Home page to make the adopted Plan easier to find)
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